Energy Task Force


The Town of Carlisle is a “Green Community of Massachusetts,” allowing them to apply for state funded grants to reduce the energy usage of the town departments.The Carlisle Energy Task Force (CETF) successfully applied for grants to install solar panels on the roof of the school, and have reduced the energy used by Town Hall by 37%, all at no cost to the Town. The CETF analyzes where and how Town buildings and vehicles are using energy and then, utilizing grants, installs energy reduction products and systems where appropriate. This reduces our carbon emissions, which will help mitigate climate change, and substantially reduces the energy bills for the Town. CETF is a net provider of income to the Town through cumulative savings.


Carlisle residents have the third largest carbon footprint in Massachusetts (CoolClimate Network website), with average household carbon emissions of 81.6 metric tons of CO2 per year. To help address this, CETF created the Carlisle Solar Challenge program with our Solar Coach (email our Solar Coach) to help residents through the process of purchasing and installing solar panels (photovoltaic or hot water) at their homes. More than 100 residences in Carlisle have solar panels installed (6% of total households). For more information, visit the Carlisle Solar Challenge website.


We provide middle school and CCHS students with opportunities to volunteer and learn about carbon reduction and sustainability issues that can contribute to their community service hours.

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William Risso, Chair
Deborah Bentley
Robert Clarke
Dan Cook
Basu Sarkar
Claude von Roesgen
Helen Young
Robert Zogg