Town of Carlisle
Contact TypeContact Information
, Principal Assessor
, Administrative Assistant
Town Hall, 66 Westford Street 
Carlisle ,MA 01741 
(978) 369-0392
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James C. Marchant
Kenneth Mostello
David Boardman
The Board of Assessors operates under the authority of Massachusetts General Laws and the Department of Revenue.  The Board is three members elected Board, which is responsible for estimating the fair market value of all real, and personal property in Carlisle.  The valuations are subject to “ad valorem” basis for taxation, which means that all property should be taxed “according to value”.  Assessed values in Massachusetts are based on “full and fair cash value”, or 100 percent of fair market value.  The Assessors are required to submit these values to the State Department of Revenue for certification every three years. In the years between certification, the Assessors must also maintain the values.  The Assessors review sales and the market every year and thereby reassessing values each year.  The Assessor does not make the laws that affect property owners.  Tax laws are enacted by the Massachusetts Legislature.  The Department of Revenue establishes various guidelines and regulations to implement the legislation.  The Assessors, in short, follow procedures established by others to set the value of property.   Value is actually set by buyers and sellers as they establish the worth of comparable properties through their transactions in the real estate marketplace.  The Assessors also do not determine taxes.  The municipality itself determines property taxation, through its Town Meeting.