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Photo of Carlisle
Photo of Carlisle
Photo of Carlisle
Photo of Carlisle
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Dog Control Committee
Contact TypeContact Information
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Luke Ascolillo
Board of Selectmen
Todd Brady
Board of Health
Dan Wells
Conservation Commission
Drew McMorrow
Recreation Commission
Susan Provenzano
Citizen at Large (Dog Owner)
Stacy Lennon
Citizen at Large (Non-dog Owner)
Lt. Leo Crowe
Carlisle Police Department
Matt Svatek
Animal Control, Alternate
Larry Sorli
Animal Control, Alternate

To view the Town of Carlisle proposed Animal Control Bylaw Click Here

MISSION:  To evaluate the need for action concerning dog related issues. The Subcommittee will evaluate whether the Town should amend its current bylaws, adopt new bylaws, or take no action. The main areas to be evaluated are 1.) Public Safety – the Town of Carlisle does not currently have a leash law and this should be evaluated. Information on incidents should be collected though open meetings with the public as well as statistics collected from Carlisle Police Department, Board of Health, Conservation Commission and the Dog Officers. Thorough evaluation of leash laws in surrounding towns should be evaluated and their impacts should be determined.  2.) Animal Waste – The Town of Carlisle currently has a bylaw pertaining to the non-removal of animal waste from private property, it does not necessarily pertain to Town owned land. The Committee should determine if this bylaw is adequate and if it is truly enforceable and the need for a bylaw on Town owned land as well. 3.) Dog Licensing – Based on numbers from the Clerk’s Office there are a significant number of unregistered/unlicensed dogs in Carlisle. The committee should investigate registration requirements and determine possible enforcement actions for owners who do not register their animals. 4.) Prolonged Barking - The Town of Carlisle currently has a bylaw pertaining to prolonged barking. Is the current bylaw adequate and enforceable? Review the number of registered complaints and consult with the Dog Officer regarding effectiveness. 5.) Authority of Dog Officer – Evaluate the current authority the dog officer has and determine if it is adequate or should, and can be, expanded to include enforcement.

The subcommittee should include 2 members from the community, one dog owner and one non-dog owner. The subcommittee will also include one member designated to represent the Board of Selectmen, one member designated to represent the Board of Health, one member designated to represent the Recreation, one member designated to represent the Conservation Commission, one of the Town Dog Officers, and a member of the Carlisle Police Department (or significant input from CPD on enforcement potential)

    MEMBERSHIP:       9 Members/1 Yr Term

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