Accessory Apartments & 2-Family Conversions

The Carlisle Zoning Bylaw provides options for owners of single-family homes to add a housing unit to their property 
(subject to Title 5 of the State Environmental Code, local Board of Health regulations, wetland constraints, etc.)

Accessory Apartments (by special permit)
In Carlisle, an accessory apartment can be attached to the principal single-family home or located in an existing or new detached structure. An application for an accessory apartment is subject to a special permit by the Planning Board, as well as Board of Health permits, Conservation Commission permits if in resource areas, and all applicable building permits. 

Town Meeting adopted the Accessory Apartment bylaw in 1989 and amended it in 2017; the bylaw includes a cap of 75 total accessory apartments, of which 25 can be in detached structures. The Planning Board has issued special permits for 32 accessory apartments; 30 have been constructed. 

Zoning Bylaw Section 5.6

Planning Board Accessory Apartment Regulations

2-Family Conversions (by-right)
Zoning Bylaw Section The alteration and use of a single-family dwelling existing on the effective date of this bylaw (May 11, 1962) as a dwelling for two families, provided that the lot on which it is located conforms to the area and width requirements for new lots in the same district.

What year was my house built?

If interested in exploring either option for your property, contact Julie Mercier, Town Planner:

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