Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, considers all fiscal questions and may consider municipal questions at their discretion, for the purpose of making reports or recommendations to the Town.

Per the Town of Carlisle General Bylaws, the Finance Committee shall each year request and receive copies of each proposed budget for the next fiscal year from the various town departments, officers, and bodies charged with the expenditure of Town money. At each Annual Town Meeting, the Finance Committee shall present and explain the proposed budget with its advice and recommendations, and it shall also, at each Special Town Meeting, give its advice and recommendations regarding any appropriations of Town funds or other municipal matters coming before the Special Town Meeting.

The Finance Committee is committed to balancing the needs of the town and the demands placed on Carlisle taxpayers.

Members Term Expires
Scott Triola
Heidi Sjoberg 2025
Victor Liang
Lynne Lipinsky, Chair
Melissa McMorrow  2023
James Catacchio  2024
Aaron D'Elia 2025