Planning Board

The Planning Board reviews and approves plans for the subdivision of land and the creation of roads to provide access to that land under the Subdivision Control Law and the Board’s Subdivision Rules and Regulations. It also serves as the Special Permit Granting Authority for various types of land use and development petitions, including those for common driveways, conservation clusters, senior residential open space community developments, personal wireless service facilities, and accessory apartments. The Planning Board also must give its consent before any alterations are made to trees and/or stone walls along the Town’s designated Scenic Roads.

Further, as authorized by a 2016 vote of Town Meeting, the Planning Board now is charged with Site Plan Review of non-residential development and re-development, coordinating that review with input from all other relevant Town boards and officials. The Board also serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen for the acceptance of Town ways, and to the Zoning Board of Appeals for Comprehensive Permits for affordable housing development. State law requires the Board to guide the process of Zoning Bylaw amendments through Town Meeting, and to prepare studies and master plans of the Town’s resources, possibilities and needs. The Board also works with other boards in the preparation of more focused and short-range plans per State requirements.

The Planning Board’s overall responsibility under State law is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Carlisle’s residents. The Board strives to preserve and enhance Carlisle’s character through the use of its regulatory tools, while also respecting property owners’ rights. To achieve these goals, the Board routinely recommends and, as applicable, requires changes to development proposals through the permitting process. Board members and staff strive to work cooperatively with project proponents, technical advisors, other Town officials, and Carlisle residents to shape development projects so as to preserve natural resources and minimize negative impacts on the community.

Term Expires
Adelaide Grady, Clerk 2024
Peter Yelle 2024
 Eric Adams 2025
 Joseph Anthony Gushue, Treasurer 2025
 Court Herschelman, Chair 2025
Sara Cassidy Smith, Vice Chair 2026
Christopher Paul Geggis 2026
Associate Members
Term Expires
Jason Walsh 2026
Edwin "Rob" Misek 2026