Programs & Services

Educational Programs

The Council on Aging (COA), often along with the Friends of the COA and the Carlisle Library, offers educational series that are free to all Carlisle residents and include such topics as Finances (personal and housing), Art, Health, History, and Legal issues.

File of Life

The Carlisle Firefighter’s Relief Association and the Friends of the Carlisle Council on Aging, has purchased “FILE OF LIFE” kits for Carlisle seniors. The “FILE OF LIFE” contains a mini medical history posted on the outside of one’s refrigerator. In an emergency the “FILE OF LIFE” card enables emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to obtain a quick medical history and vital personal information when a patient is unable to offer it. These are being provided free of charge.

The “FILE OF LIFE”  cards are available at the Council office at Town Hall. If you are unable to pick on e up or have any questions about the “File of Life” program, please call 978-371-2895.

The card, which is kept in a red plastic pocket labeled “File of Life,” lists the patient’s name, emergency contacts, health insurance policy and social security numbers, health conditions, medications including dosages, allergies, recent surgeries, religion, doctor’s name and whether or not there is a health care proxy or living will. The entire pocket is held, with a magnet, to the outside of the refrigerator for easy access in an emergency.

Fitness Programs

We have several low-cost exercise programs designed specifically for seniors. Call the COA to sign up for these classes. You are welcome to attend a class for free to see if it is something you would like to attend regularly.

Health & Wellness

The COA offers blood pressure clinics several times a month that are free to the seniors and are announced in the monthly newsletter. Other clinics that we provide are for podiatry and vaccinations. 

Intergenerational Programs

The COA offers many interesting and fun programs and activities that bring the whole community closer together.

Medical Equipment

We have many pieces of medical equipment available to the community that include but are not limited to: wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, shower chairs, transfer benches, grabbers and commodes. The equipment is lent out free of charge.

Nutritional Programs

The COA offers several nutritional programs including monthly lunches, breakfasts, and coffees. The COA works with the local schools and churches that provide venues for these events. We also provide Meals on Wheels for those that are home-bound and cannot provide for themselves.


If you live alone, you may want to sign up for the FREE RUOK® Telephone Reassurance System. The system will call you at the predetermined time you request. When you answer, you’ll hear a short pre-recorded call message from the COA. If you don’t pick up after several tries, the police will personally try to reach you, and if there is still no reply they will stop by and check on you at home. This system has saved lives. Call the Council on Aging ti sign up at 978-371-2895. For more information, click here (PDF)

Senior Tax Worker Program:

If you are a Carlisle property owner and sixty years old or older, you are eligible to apply for our Senior Tax Worker Program. If you live with a Carlisle senior who qualifies, you can work on their behalf. Approved applicants provide work assistance to town departments such as the Council on Aging, School, Police, Library, and Town Clerk’s office. Tax workers can earn up to $1,000 working their hours at the current minimum wage. For more information and an application, click here (PDF)