Animal Management


A Permit from the Board of Health is required for the KEEPING OF LIVESTOCK and farm animals in town. Inspections are done in the fall by the Carlisle Animal Inspectors who are required by the state to check on the welfare of the animals. Animals include poultry that are kept or harbored as domesticated animals. If you are an animal owner, please download the Keeping of Livestock 2023 application and Manure Management Plan available below. The application fee is $48.00. Applications received after October 15, 2022, may be subject to an additional $10 late fee. 

Completed application and fee can be dropped off at Town Hall or Mailed to: Board of Health, 66 Westford Street, Carlisle, MA 01741. Inspections will be conducted this year in October. If you have special instructions for the inspectors visiting your property please contact the Board of Health or 978-369-0283.

Local Contact Information for Wildlife Concerns:

Animal Control - Carlisle Police Department

Animal Inspectors
Gene Delano978-369-1155
Deb Toher 978-369-1155

Dog Officers
Matt Svatek 978-369-1155
Gene Delano 978-369-1155

Animal Bites - Board of Health


Manure Management Regulations (PDF)

Manure Management Checklist (PDF)

Keeping of Livestock - Permit Application 2023 (PDF)

Local Swine Regulations (PDF)

Swine Application Supplement  Annual Form  (PDF)

Rabies Fact Sheet (PDF)

Preventing Rabies (PDF)

Bats and Rabies

Bats and Rabies Resources