Cranberry Bog Working Group

PresentationAlex Hackman, Restoration Ecologist and Cranberry Bog Program Manager, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration, recently gave a presentation at the Cranberry Bog Working Group meeting of November 19th regarding the "Restoration of Cranberry Bogs into Natural Wetlands.

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Members Term
Luke Ascolilio October, 2020
Ken Belitz, Co-Chair October, 2020
Melinda Lindquist, Co-Chair October, 2019
Susan Provenzano, Co-Secretary October, 2019
VACANCY October, 2019
Dan Wells October, 2020
Helen Young, Co-Secretary October, 2019
Associate Members  
John Ballantine October, 2020
Steve Hinton October 2020
Sylvia Williard October, 2019