Public Safety Communications System

Working Group Members

The working group advising the Town Administrator on the implementation of the new Public Safety Communications System authorized by 2017 TM consists of Police Chief Fisher, David Freedman, Bill Risso, Fire Chief Sorrows, Fire Dept Captain Matt Svatek and Planning Board member Peter Yelle. Former members included Chief Flannery, Deputy Chief White.


Chappell Engineering Associates, Marlborough, MA

Green Mountain Communications, Pembroke, NH

Langone & Associates, Tewksbury, MA

Background Information for Special Town Meeting, October 7, 2019

The Selectmen voted unanimously on August 27, 2019 to call for a Special Town Meeting to be held on October 7 in Corey Auditorium at 7pm to amend the 2017 Motion and Appropriation for the Public Safety Communications System to add $225,000 to the original amount appropriated ($2,961,100) and to add Parcel 18-40-0 (now with the address 1110 Westford Street) to the list of town-owned properties on which the town may construct a new telecommunications tower.


The proposed 130’ monopole tower on the Town-owned parcel at 1110 Westford Street will be BOTH a Transmit & Receive site and not just a Receive site as was incorrectly stated at the joint BOS/FinCom meeting on August 27, 2019. We regret the error.

The antennas to be mounted at 130 feet on the proposed tower are the same antennas with the same Transmit/Receive functions as were originally proposed to be mounted at 90 feet on an extension to the existing commercial cellular tower at 1022 Westford Street.


Presentation to BOS/FinCom to request Special Town Meeting, August 27, 2019

Summary Timeline 2016 - August 2019

Project Budget Summary

Special Town Meeting request (outline)

Photo Simulations of Proposed Tower at 1110 Westford Street

Permitting Drawings for Proposed Tower at 1110 Westford Street