COA CoVID-19 Information

LINK HERE for the Carlisle’s COVID-19 information. 

LINK HERE for the additional COVID-19 Resources for Carlisle Residents.

CLICK HERE to view Dr. Jean Barry (Board Of Health) discussing issues related to COVID-19

COA Board Member Maxine Crowther provides helpful information for Carlisle Seniors:


  • From the CDC: Actions to take if you are sick.
  • From MSN:LINK HERE for current Massachusetts and state-by-state updates.
  • From New England Journal of Medicine:LINK HERE for a review of the viability of the virus in the home.
  • From Minuteman Senior Services: LINK HERE for information on services they are offering Seniors.
  • CoVID-19 Communication Tool for the Deaf Community - The Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH) has created a CoVID-19 Visual tool to assist with communication in this population.  LINK HERE for instructions and LINK HERE for the tool.
  • LyftUp - Lyft has activated LiftUp.  A program to donate tens of thousands of rides to those with essential transportation needs - especially for families and children, low-income seniors, doctors and nurses.


  • From WCVB:LINK HERE for a list of stores with Senior shopping hours.
  • Local Pharmacy Information - The Carlisle COA reached out to local pharmacies and got responses regarding pick-up and delivery.  LINK HERE for this collected information.  This information is subject to change.  Please call the pharmacy to get the most current status.


  • For information on Food Pantries and alternative meal sources check out the information provided at RESIDENT RESOURCES.


  • From NPR: LINK HERE for sanitizing tips.
  • From WIRED:LINK HERE for "How to clean/Disinfect Yourself, Your  Home, and Your Stuff".
  • From CONSUMER REPORTS: LINK HERE  for "How to protect Yourself From Corona-virus  When Grocery ShoppingFo." This could also be considered for anything you bring into your house from the outside (i.e. packages, mail).
  • From MONEY: LINK HERE for an informative article about on-line shopping.


  • From AARP:LINK HERE  for Senior-related health information.
  • LINK HERE for a proper handwashing technique.
  • From Cyber-Seniors:  LINK HERE  Access FREE webinars and one-on-one phone tech support or call their toll-free tech helpline 844-217-3057. Cyber-Seniors is committed to keeping Seniors socially connected while remaining safe in their homes.


For alternative exercise class options and a other ’Things To Do’ check out the list of ideas HERE.