Medicare Open Enrollment for 2021

(October - December 2020)

Medicare Open Enrollment presented by Clyde Kessel, Shine Counselor on Open Enrollment.

Additional information on the Medicare Open Enrollment for 2021:

  • Open Enrollment Presentation Slides -from the above recorded, Zoom presentation.  This presentation is partly a review of how Medicare works and partly a description of what is changed and new for 2021.
  • Medicare Information Packet for Plan Year 2021 - This is a compendium of the colored sheets we hand out each year containing pricing information for each available Medicare Advantage plan, Drug plan and Medigap plan.
  • Lasso Healthcare Brochure - a new type of plan available to Massachusetts seniors on Medicare.  It is a high deductible insurance plan coupled with a medical savings account.
  • Dental Options for Seniors - This lists a number of options for dental treatment and dental insurance available to all seniors