Carlisle Cheer Project

The Carlisle Cheer Project seeks to provide simple, inclusive, ageless activities to the Town of Carlisle, to provide safe opportunities for residents to come together for lighthearted fun. 

The Carlisle Cheer Project began when a community member expressed early in the COVID-19 pandemic, that the center of town was quiet and most of the signs were warnings and not very cheerful.  So a few people, feeling the same, decided to host events round the center of town that were COVID-19 safe, but would allow people get out of the house and to see one another.  Here are a few of the events hosted by the Carlisle Cheer Project:

  • Plant Some Cheer
  • Musical Drive Thru
  • Musical Drive Thru - Birthday Edition
  • 2 Swap Meets on Spalding Field
  • Harvest Home Weekend
  • Happy Rocks around town
  • Halloween 2020

More information available at

Carlisle Cheer Project members: 

Barney Arnold

Rebecca Bromark

Deb Kablotsky

Christine Lear

Holly Mansfield

Colleen O’Connor

Carren Panico

Carrie Patel

Alison Saylor

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