Resident COVID Testing

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December, 2022:  Free COVID TESTS continue to be available to residents at Town Hall through the Board of Health.  

May 17, 2022:  FREE At-Home COVID TESTS: Biden Administration is announcing that is now open for a third round of ordering. U.S. households are now be able to order an additional eight free at-home tests at the total number of free tests available to each household since the start of the program to 16.   LINK HERE to order. 

Free at-home COVID-19 rapid tests available to all residents through a new web-based ordering platform. Each household is entitled to 4 testing kits through this program. These rapid antigen at-home tests can be ordered from the U.S. Post Office at COVID Home Tests | USPS.


You can learn more about this federal program at: - Free at-home COVID-19 tests.


Massachusetts residents have a number of options to get tested for COVID-19. For more details, visit

A helpful calculator that can be used to determine isolation guidance can be found at: