FY 2022 Goals 


Financial sustainability

 Ensure Carlisle’s long-term affordability for diversity of households. Short term:

  1. Evaluate the expected growth and expenses over the next 5-10 years and develop a plan for addressing the gaps
  2. Develop a long-term goal regarding tax increases.

 Environmental sustainability

 The Select Board is committed to ensuring the environmental impact is considered for all town projects and purchases. Towards this end, all future decisions should include a description of the environmental impact, whether beneficial or negative, with the goal of promoting beneficial outcomes.

 Short term:

  1. Create a Town-wide policy and process.
  2. Create an environmental sustainability committee charged with specific, measurable action steps.

 Citizen engagement

 An engaged and informed community makes it stronger. We will work to increase interest in town government by ensuring all committees are well structured and supported by the Select Board, and increasing citizens’ general involvement in town affairs.

 Short term:

  1. The Select Board will meet with every committee at least once per year to ensure alignment and communication
  2. Committee charter and team reviews
  3. Explore methods of outreach regarding opportunities for involvement in town and to increase participation.

 Quality of Education

 Ensure our schools remain a strong town asset by providing excellent education pre-K-12 through ensuring a collaborative alignment between the school committees and the Select Board on high level goals for the school districts.

 Short Term:

 Strengthen ties between Town and Schools (CCHS, CPS) at multiple levels through meetings, both to know each other and identify common projects.

  1. Work with the school committees to identify a shared vision and long-term goals for education of Carlisle students.

 Town Staff alignment

 Maintain and foster a professional work environment by ensuring collaboration between departments, providing a path for advancement and succession planning, and developing a clear understanding of success through establishing goals and evaluating performance.

 Short term:

  1. Implement annual goals setting and performance review process at all levels.
  2. Meet with staff in a group setting on a quarterly basis to better understand how we can support them.
  3. Establish an informal gathering between staff and the Select Board.
  4. Create mechanism for celebrating excellence.