Fiscal Year 2023 Goals 


 Barbara Arnold, Chair
 David Model, Vice-char
 Nathan Brown, Clerk
 Katherine Reid
 Travis Snell

Long Term GoalMaster Plan Reference
FY 2023 SB Initiatives (majors in bold)
Engagement with other Boards and Committees, Town Departments

Financial SustainabilityChapter 4 Fiscal Sustainability

6A. Develop and make use of a comprehensive financial model and projection tool that enables the Finance Committee, Select Board, and Town staff to explore options and educate residents
 about the fiscal impacts of decisions.

5 year Growth and Expenses model; improved and more transparent budgeting process; regular presentation of a financial report to the Select Board provided by the Finance Director/Town Administrator; MUNIS upgrade and training
FinCom; Town Administrator and Finance Director

6B. Establish a committee to investigate the benefits and trade-offs of service regionalization, interlocal agreements, and participation in MAPC’s collective purchasing program opportunities.
Form new Regionalization Committee to explore regionalization/consolidation opportunities
Other Town Departments; CPS; new Regionalization Committee

7A. Develop and maintain a rolling long-term facilities plan that anticipates future municipal building needs, including space needs by department, maintenance and rehabilitation needs
 of existing buildings, and potential scenarios for siting new construction and reuse of existing structures.
5C. Engage leadership from CPS and CCHS in the development of a long-term facilities plan.

Comprehensive capital plan review and "capital capacity" estimate
MFC; CPS FinCom; Town Finance Director

7C. Develop a planned preventive maintenance strategy for Town buildings, land, and other major facilities to clarify maintenance tasks and responsibilities.
See budgeting process above
MFC; Town Administrator; CPS Superintendent and Facilities Manager 
Environmental StewardshipChapter 6: Environmental Stewardship

15A. Provide staff capacity to facilitate and support coordinated environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts and if required hire a sustainability coordinator or similar position.
15B. Establish an environmental sustainability volunteer committee to work with paid staff on implementation of sustainability and stewardship initiatives.

Form  new Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) to work with Regional Sustainability Coordinator.  Establish charter and goals.
ESC; Sustainability Coordinator; TA

15C. Establish and pursue community-wide carbon reduction goals aligned with State goals.
15D. Develop a detailed implementation plan for achieving carbon-reduction goals and a framework for tracking and evaluating progress over time.
15E. Incorporate environmental stewardship and sustainability impacts into municipal decision-making.
15G. Leverage available state and federal resources that address environmental stewardship.
16B. Establish and maintain accountability (with performance metrics) for municipal energy
 use and emissions.

ESC brings recommendations to SB on goals, policies and procedures
All Town Departments, Boards, Committees

17A. Establish policies to encourage recycling and reduce solid waste in accordance with the findings of the 2021 Transfer Station Task Force and Transfer Station Action Committee.
Transfer Station Task Force continues to implement its recommendations and reports progress to SB
Connectivity and AccessChapter 5 Connectivity and Access

13A. Continue to provide annual training to regulatory boards via Citizen Planning Trainer Collaborative (CPTC) or comparable entity.13B. Continue to engage Town Counsel in providing training to regulatory boards on select topics as needed.
Develop an onboarding program for all new board, committee, task force and working group members, as well as training for all new Chairs
Governance Committee, Town Counsel, TA and TA Admin

14C. Preserve institutional knowledge by creating manuals for departments, boards, committees, and commissions and updating regularly.
Document above process
Governance Committee, Town Counsel, TA and TA Admin

14A. Convene department heads and representatives from committees and boards on a quarterly basis to facilitate collaboration and discuss implementation of Master Plan and other Town initiatives.
5B. Foster closer communication and understanding among elected school leaders, elected
 Town boards, and other boards and committees.

SB to meet with all boards and committees at least once annually; review all charters and amend as needed; review Town By-Laws and align with committee charters; initiate monthly or periodic Chairs meetings to share board missions, Town goals, understand  requirements and expectations; opportunites for collaboration.
All boards and committees

Town - Staff alignment; quarterly meetings with SB and Staff; celebrate excellence; Town Staff Development, Evaluation, Team Building and Performance Recognition – the Board will support the Town Administrator to develop a workplan to achieve this goal.
Town staff; TA and ATA when hired

12B. Develop a Municipal Communication and Technology Strategy to address needs for information sharing, two-way communication, cybersecurity, and digital storage.
12C. Pursue digitization of archived records to increase public accessibility and reduce space needs for storage.

Elevate IT working group to full committee status; draft charter and new members with goal of upgrading IT to meet the needs of a 21st century town in the Commonwealth (cyber, fiber, digital records, etc.); upgraded Town website;  Zoom licenses for all boards and committees
IT working group; TA and Town staff; CPS IT staff

13C. Establish a Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) that is comprised of members from multiple Town boards, committees, and commissions and reports to the Select Board and Planning Board for the duration of the implementation of this Master Plan.
Create Master Plan Implementation Committee; work with MPSC and Planning Board to develop charter, recruit and set goals
Planning Board; MPSC, TA
Carlisle CharacterChapter 3 Carlisle Character

4A. Provide staff capacity to facilitate coordinated long-range planning efforts and if required hire a Town Planner or similar position.
Hire Town Planner
Planning Board, TA, 

4D. Develop comprehensive criteria for evaluating land for various purposes and community needs.
Develop land use and space plan to serve community needs
Town Planner; Planning Board; CAHT

Adopted 8/9/22