How do I Vote by Mail?

To Vote by Mail, a registered voter needs to make a request for an Early Voting Ballot in writing to the Town Clerk. (Early Voting Ballots have also been referred to as Vote by Mail.)

Requests can be made by submitting an Early Voting Application or requesting a ballot by letter or email to the Town Clerk. Sample language to request an Early Voting Ballot: “I would like to request an Early Voting Ballot to vote by mail. My voting address is: (fill in your voting address). Please mail by ballot to: (address you’d like to receive your ballot).” The application can be found here, through the Secretary of State website, or contact the Town Clerk.

Early voting requests and/or applications can be submitted in an email to or in the mail to Town Clerk 66 Westford St. Carlisle MA 01741. Early Voting ballots (used for voting by mail) may be requested until noon, the day before the election. Filled ballots must be received by the Town Clerk before the close of polls the day of the election.

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