How do I run for an elected position? (Getting on the Ballot)

Voters who wish to run for an open seat in the Annual Town Election can appear on the ballot by nomination through Nomination Papers or at the Annual Caucus. 

Nomination by the Caucus

Only two candidates for each open seat may be nominated at the Caucus. If there are more than two voters who wish to be the candidate for a seat, a vote will be taken and those nominees with the most votes will appear on the ballot. 

Nomination by Signature

The more assured way of appearing on the ballot is to submit Nomination Papers. You must collect at least twenty-five (25) ink signatures of registered voters in Carlisle. Electronic signatures or stamps are not valid signatures. The signature must belong to a valid registered voter in Carlisle. 

If interested in running in a statewide election or primary, visit the website of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Elections Division ( and look under "Getting on the Ballot" or follow this link Candidates-Guide-generic.pdf ( to the Secretary's Candidate Guide. 

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