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Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting of April 29, 2019 has been posted HERE

Town Meeting is a gathering of all Carlisle citizens registered to vote, acting as the legislative branch of our local Town government.  Almost uniquely in modern American public life, Town Meeting embodies direct – not representative – democracy.  

Our Next Annual Town Meeting

Carlisle holds its Annual Town Meeting in the spring, typically late April or early May.  The next Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 29, 2019.

A Special Town Meeting may be scheduled at any time, upon vote of the Board of Selectmen or by the petition request of at least 200 registered voters.  If a Special Town Meeting is called, information about it will be posted here.

Additional Information

For further information about Town Meeting, including general information about the Town meeting form of government, the procedures used in Carlisle, and minutes and video links from past Town Meetings, please  click here.