Treasurer / Tax Collector

The Treasurer/Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the billing, collecting and investing of all monies due to the Town including but not limited to: Real Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax, Motor Vehicle Excise Tax, Federal/State reimbursements and grants, as well as a myriad of miscellaneous departmental permits, license and fees.  

The department is responsible for the reconciliation of checks and bank accounts.  It issues all authorized debt for both short and long-term borrowing and is responsible for the maintenance of all properties taken for nonpayment of taxes and for all public auction or disposition of all foreclosed properties.  This department is not responsible for Abatements and Exemptions; these are handled by the Assessor

Uncashed/Abandoned Payroll Checks

A listing of uncashed payroll checks is available here. Current and former employees should review and submit a claim if applicable.

Tax Payments

Real Estate and personal property taxes are collected on a fiscal year basis. The fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. Tax bills are due quarterly on August 1st, November 1st, February 1st and May 1st. The bills are mailed out at least 30 days before they are due. 

The Town of Carlisle uses a lock box service to process tax bills that are mailed for Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle Excise. The address is:

Town of Carlisle
Department 1800
PO Box 986535
Boston, MA 02298-6535

You can also pay online, in person, or use the drop box located to the left-hand side of the Town Hall entrance.

Motor Vehicle Excise Bills

Excise tax bills are calculated based off of the calendar year. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles determines the bill amount and billing municipality for each vehicle. For more information on the process, please visit the Secretary of State's website.

If your Excise bill is past the demand stage, further collection will be made by the Town's Deputy Collector, Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc. The bills sent out by Kelley & Ryan are called Excise Tax Warrants. If you receive an Excise Tax Warrant or have an Excise Tax Bill that was issued 60 or more days ago, please pay Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc. directly via phone 800-239-2155, online or at one of their payment locations.


To contact the Treasurer/Collector's Office please click here.