Carlisle Public Schools

Vision Statement

The vision of the Carlisle Public Schools is to inspire intellectual and ethical excellence so our students are prepared to participate with integrity in a global community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Carlisle Public Schools is to provide a collaborative and caring community in which each student is known, understood, and valued so that students can learn to their fullest potential in a safe, inclusive environment with high expectations and clear standards for all.

Core Values

Academic Excellence, Creativity, Respect, Responsibility

A fuller expression of these values would include... 

  • We always look beyond what we now know. 
  • We constantly work to know more. 
  • We are respectful toward all in our community. 
  • We use what we know to help others. 
  • We take responsibility for ourselves and for others.
Staff Contact Title
James O’Shea
School Committee Members Term Expires
David Model (Regional School Representative) 2020
Sara Wilson, Member 2022
Christine Lear, Chairwoman 2020
Shannon May Lavery, Member 2020
Eva Mostoufi (Regional School Representative) 2022