Community Preservation Committee

The CPC consists of seven members: one member each from the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, the Housing Authority, the Conservation Commission, the Recreation Commission, and the Historical Commission, plus one member from the community, all appointed by the Selectmen. The CPC is tasked with reviewing applications for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds and making recommendations to Town Meeting for funding of projects. The CPC develops an annual Community Preservation Plan outlining the procedure by which the CPA is administered, the criteria the CPC references when considering applications, and an accounting of CPA revenues and expenditures to date, including funds currently available for allocation and appropriation.

Term Expires
Luke Ascolillo (Selectmen), Chair 2021
Kathy Keller (HistCom) 2022
Samantha Rottenberg (Community) 2023
Mark Spears (RecCom) 2021
Angie Verge (ConsCom) 2022
Peter Yelle (Planning Board) 2023
David Freedman (Housing) 2021