Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee

The Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee (CRAC) advises the Town on the acceptance of new conservation restrictions (CRs) and monitors those CRs held by the Town. A CR is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a “Grantee” (either a qualified  conservation organization or governmental entity) under which the Landowner relinquishes certain development rights to the property forever, and gives the Grantee the right and responsibility to monitor the property and defend the terms of the CR. For more on CRs, click hereThe Committee strives to educate CR-holders and the public regarding the benefits of CRs, namely, preservation of open space, scenic vistas and wildlife habitat. Members of CRAC — including designees from the Planning Board, Trails Committee and Conservation Commission — are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

Term Expires
Nancy Cowan (Citizen-at-Large)
Ken Harte,  (Citizen-at-Large)
Marc Lamere (Trails Committee)
Rich Oches (CCF)  - Chair 2024
Madeleine Blake (PB) 2024
Brian Murphy (ConsCom) 2024
Jeannie Geneczko (Citizen at large) 2024