Open Burning Information

Open burning is normally allowed by State regulation between January 15 and May 1 each year. Homeowners wishing to obtain an open burning permit for the season should to go to the communications center in the Police Station located at 41 Lowell Street to register. This will only need to be done once and there will be no fee, so if you registered previously you do not have to register again. Newly registered homeowners will receive a copy of the “Open Burning Permit Rules and Regulations“ and a “ Homeowner Registration Form.“ Registration is completed and a homeowner registration number is assigned. All rules regarding open burning still apply. 

Once the homeowner has a registration number, a call to the Fire Department (978-369-1442) on the day of desired burning is all that needs to be done to obtain a permit. Homeowners must keep the registration that is issued containing the rules and number. Registration numbers are assigned to the homeowner for as long as they reside at the same address. 

Remember that local conditions may prohibit open burning on any day. In addition, the Department of Environmental Protection may suspend open burning at anytime. In accordance with State regulations, open burning may only take place between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. All fires must be out by 4 p.m. Property owners who violate the open burning rules may be subject to having the permit issued revoked or in some cases be denied further open burning permits. 

For questions regarding this process, you may call the Fire Prevention office and leave a message at 978-287-0072, ext. 339. 

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