How common are conservation restrictions?

They are very common. In Massachusetts, 2,024 CRs were established between 2001 and 2015, protecting 305,111 acres of land. They are now used to protect all types of land, including coastlines; farm and ranch land; historical or cultural landscapes; scenic views; streams and rivers; trails; forested land; open space; meadows; wetlands; wildlife areas; and working forests. Here in Carlisle, there are more than 50 CRs protecting nearly a thousand acres.

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1. What is a CR?
2. What is a “Grantee” and why is this necessary?
3. Can a CR be removed?
4. Why are CRs put in place by landowners ?
5. What are the tax benefits of a CR?
6. Does a CR mean that the public has access to my land?
7. I want to do some work on my property, and I want to make sure I’m not violating the terms of the CR. Whom should I contact?
8. How common are conservation restrictions?
9. I know someone else who may want to grant a CR on their property. How do they get started?
10. What is CRAC?
11. Why does CRAC inspect properties?