What other wetland related regulations may apply?

In addition to the state Wetlands Protection Act, there are other related federal, state and local laws that may affect an activity in or near a wetland. These include the Town of Carlisle Wetland/Flood Hazard district, Sections 401 and 404 of the Federal Clean Water Act, and the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act. The commission does not administer or enforce these laws, but coordinates with other agencies.

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1. What are wetlands, floodplains and riverfronts?
2. Why are wetlands, floodplains and riverfronts protected?
3. How are boundaries of wetlands and floodplains identified?
4. What activities are subject to the Wetlands Protection Act?
5. What if work is planned in or near a resource area?
6. What happens if a violation of the Act occurs?
7. What other wetland related regulations may apply?
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