What does the Board of Health do for you?

In addition to setting health policy initiatives for the community, the Board of Health issues permits for septic systems and wells, reviews building permit applications for Title 5 compliance, maintains property files and as-builts, investigates nuisance and sanitary code complaints, monitors animal bites and quarantines, inspects and licenses local food establishments, tracks communicable diseases in the community, arranges household hazardous waste collections, rabies and flu clinics, and organizes outreach programs. The Board and its staff look forward to helping Carlisle residents maintain a healthy lifestyle and environment.

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1. What is the Mission of the Carlisle Board of Health?
2. What does the Board of Health do for you?
3. When must I complete a Title 5 inspection?
4. What type of water testing do you require?
5. How often does the Board of Health recommend pumping out my system?