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Carlisle Music FestiMusic Festivalval @Old Home Day

Friday June 23, Saturday June 24 & Sunday June 25, 2023

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Festival information

Friday June 23: Community Singalong & Open Mic 

Main Stage Outdoors @First Religious Society Yard 6:30 PM

Carlisle Community Chorus − intergenerational choral ensemble

Carlisle members: Barney Arnold, Kevin Barrow, Amy Berquist, Deb Berquist, Peter Carmichael, Catherine Cole, Stephanie Hackbarth, Amanda Kern, Ann Ketchen, Richard Ketchen, Jen Kidder, Joe Kidder, Fontaine Richardson, Joan Sarcia, Kathy Simpson, Elisabeth Sorrows, Katherine Sorrows, Alison Thompson, Bill White

The Carlisle Community Chorus is passionate about building community and bringing people of all ages and abilities together through music. Under the musical direction of Amanda Kern with pianist Liat Shapiro, the CCC brings a wide variety of choral music including classical, folk and popular repertoire to their audiences focusing on joyful, healthy and beautiful singing for all. The CCC serves Carlisle and surrounding communities including Chelmsford, Concord, Billerica, Lowell, and Westford. Contact: Web: Amanda Kern will also perform with the Concord Women’s Chorus

Saturday June 24: Music at Old Home Day

Main Stage outdoors @First Religious Society 10:30 AM-2:30 PM

Ravi Pathak − classic Indian & Bollywood songs; vocals/guitar 

Carlisle member: Ravi Pathak

Ravi Pathak, a newcomer to Carlisle, is a self-taught musician whose artistic mission is to popularize semi-classical Indian music and vintage Bollywood songs. He is primarily a vocalist and has performed extensively in India and the United States. Ravi believes that the human emotions expressed through music are universal, and despite the differences in languages, a heartfelt performance will always be recognized by the audience. While most people associate Bollywood songs with movies and dance, few are aware that the compositions are based on Indian folk and classical themes that are combined with western instrumentation and orchestra. It is this aspect of Indian music that Ravi would like to share with the international community. Contact:  Ravi will also perform at the Arts & Crafts Show at Union Hall on Saturday.

The Honey Steelers − eclectic Americana

Carlisle member: Jon Golden

Everyone sings in this band...and along with unique steel and nylon stringed instruments, bring you originals and covers, ranging from sweet & sensitive, to downright barn-raising and foot stomping! 

Risa Lavelle: keyboards, mandolins. As a child, Risa dreamed of being Carole King’s doppelgänger. When not making music, she’s mucking it up the fields & woods with her dog Kodah Bear.   

Mickey Roache: guitars and pedal steel. Mickey has never met a guitar he didn't like, and is also skilled at making fine silver flutes; he uses those fine motor skills to make great sounds on the fretboards.   

Harvey Bagg: bass, guitar, ukulele. While eschewing both the epicurean ideal, and rigors of stoicism, Harvey has spent much of his time exploring the Neo-Platonic dichotomy. He gets the weekends off from all of that...sometimes.

Bob Sevigny: guitars, bass. Two decades of playing Americana/country/bluegrass, five years of driving a tractor trailer, deep listening to music, especially Zappa, throw in some dry tongue in cheek humor – that's what Bob’s music is built on. 

Jon Golden: drums, percussion, bass. Never bored, always searching for ultimate cups of coffee. Once he saw a drummer performing the solo to "In- A-Gadda-Da-Vida", bought a pair of drumsticks and never looked back. Also plays bass when Harvey and/or Bob ain't 'round! Don’t tell them. 

Jon will also perform on Sunday with The Nightflies and Red Velvet Slide.


Concord Women's Chorus − classical and contemporary choral music

Carlisle members: Amanda Kern, Ellen Materne, Cynthia Nunan, Stephanie Smith, Cynthia Sorn

Concord Women’s Chorus is a 45-voice ensemble from Concord and greater Boston (a smaller force will sing at Old Home Day). Directed by Jane Ring Frank, CWC performs a wide range of classical and contemporary music with emphasis on works written for women’s voices. 

For Concord Women’s Chorus, music is alchemy. Their commitment to the mastery and performance of a dynamic repertoire for women transforms the act of choral singing into an instrument for collaboration, education, and connection. Confident singers, they care deeply about creating, through women’s voices, a source of strength and inspiration for themselves, their audience, and the world around us. The Chorus has performed on tours in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain. Web:

Kenny Selcer & Steve Gilligan − original songs and choice covers; vocals/guitar/bass

Carlisle member: Kenny Selcer 

Kenny Selcer and Steve Gilligan are seasoned music pros who play a variety of musical genres to create something new: “a sizzling blend of Americana, folk, rock, roots, reggae, and everything in between, that will get your toes tappin’, your head noddin’ up and down, your mouth singin’, your brain thinkin’ and maybe even get you dancin’ in the aisles!” They have played, individually and collectively in venues from Club Passim to Bank of America Pavilion to The Bull Run to every high- and low-rent coffee shop and bar in the area. They each have several solo cds of original music. Web: and

Neighborly − Americana; vocals+guitar+harmonica 

Carlisle members: Jen Sagalyn, Mark Levitan, Lee Perlman

The members of Neighborly put an Americana spin on notable songs, with feeling. Newer songs feel nostalgic and older ones fresh, creating an unexpected and beautiful sonic blend. Jen Sagalyn, lead vocals/guitar; Mark Levitan, harmonica; Lee Perlman, vocals/guitar.

Jen Sagalyn’s music takes heavy cues from blues, gospel, and traditional country. Though a classical pianist and vocalist for most of her music career, she picked up the guitar to better channel her influences. Something of a music historian, Mark Levitan has been tracing the roots, shoots, branches, streams and tributaries of all kinds of music for decades. His performing palette includes blues, R&B, country, rock, folk and more. Lee Perlman, joining Neighborly for this special appearance, is a multi-instrumentalist (lead and rhythm guitar, electric and upright bass, violin, harmonica, mandolin, cello) and vocalist, with decades of performing experience. He also arranges music for the Deborah Abel Dance Company. 

Mark and Lee will also perform on Saturday as Mark & Lee’s Blues Thing; Lee will also perform with Caleb Perlman at the Arts & Crafts Show.

Contact: Web: 

Judy Bose & Dan Lennon − vocalists extraordinaire

Carlisle members:  Judy Bose, Dan Lennon

Judy Bose: Despite a lengthy resume of high achievement in music and arts education (currently Dean of the Conservatory, Longy School of Music of Bard College), Judy’s real gift to music is her stunning soprano voice. Judy has performed extensively in the Boston area, including as a soloist with Concord Women’s Chorus and at FRS here in Carlisle.

Dan Lennon: Dan’s primary music gig since 1995 has been core member and lead tenor for the renowned Boston-based vocal band, Five O’ Clock Shadow. He has also sung and played guitar in many other settings such as his pandemic side group The Distant Socialites, FRS church choir, and a cappella group, Firedrill! Capable of hitting the sweetest notes, Dan relishes every opportunity to delight audiences.

Distinctive voices on their own, Judy and Dan join together for this special performance at the Carlisle Music Festival. Dan will also perform on Sunday with Five O’Clock Shadow.

The Hansen Brothers − rock guitar brother group

The Hansen Brothers are a guitar-based performing and recording duo formed by Carl, a seven-year Carlisle resident, and his brother, Peter. Featuring years of stage experience supporting bands throughout New England and Atlantic Canada, the brothers’ blend of smooth instrumentation and vocal harmony is sure to delight music fans.

Carl’s musical resume includes lead guitar for pop/rock band The Sea Captains, while Peter is the former lead guitarist for Canadian country music artist Tristan Horncastle. In 2019, Peter and Carl performed original music at the Harvest Music Festival in Fredericton, Canada, which featured headliner Robert Plant. Contact:

Arts & Crafts Show @Union Hall 10:30 AM-12:30 PM 

Dale Joachim − solo piano

Carlisle member: Dale Joachim

Dale Joachim enjoys the study of music, having performed in bands in New Orleans and occasionally now in Carlisle. He studied classical saxophone at the Geneva Conservatory and later learned the piano. Contact:  Dale will also perform on Sunday with the CJ3 Jazz Trio.

Ravi Pathak − classic Indian & Bollywood songs; vocals/guitar 

See entry under Main Stage Outdoors @First Religious Society where Ravi will also perform on Saturday.

Chris Brenne  − vocals/guitar

See entry under Red Velvet Slide, Main Stage @Spalding Field on Sunday. 

Lee & Caleb Perlman − father/son duo on piano and guitar

Carlisle members: Lee Perlman, Caleb Perlman

Lee will also perform on Saturday with Neighborly and Mark & Lee’s Blues Thing.

Book Swap @Gleason Library 10:30 AM-12:00 PM 

Sound Bites − contemporary a cappella music

Carlisle members: Sandra Serkes, Aaron Goodisman

Soundbites are a community-based, contemporary a cappella group with 20 coed members, ranging in age from 20s to 60s and hailing from all throughout the greater Boston area. Directed by Carlislean Sandy Serkes, Soundbites enjoys singing an eclectic repertoire, ranging from pop to jazz to Broadway. See them performing two annual concerts in Lexington and throughout the year at local gigs and porchfests. Their 2023 Spring Concert is Sunday, June 25 at 7pm, at First Parish Church in Lexington. Web: Contact:

Chris Brenne & Parul Vakani − original world beat, folk, pop; vocals+guitar

Carlisle members: Chris Brenne, Parul Vakani

See entry under Red Velvet Slide, Main Stage @Spalding Field on Sunday. 

Mark & Lee’s Blues Thing − harmonica+vocals+guitar

Carlisle members: Mark Levitan, Lee Perlman

Stretching the definition to include real blues, near blues and non blues, two wizened interpreters deliver authenticity and fine craft as everything they touch turns bluesy. Mark Levitan, harmonica; Lee Perlman, vocals/guitar. Mark and Lee will also perform with Neighborly on Saturday; Lee also will perform with Caleb Perlman at the Arts & Crafts Show on Saturday.


Sunday June 25: Music Event Under The Tent

Main stage @Spalding Field Noon-7:30 PM

Carlisle Chamber Orchestra String Quartet − from the award-winning Carlisle Chamber Orchestra

Carlisle members: Julie Durrell, John Glenn

The CCO String Quartet features top players on their instruments: Subaiou Zhang Carter, violin (Concertmaster); Dawn Perlner, violin (principal 2nd); John Glenn, viola (principal); Julie Durrell, cello (principal). The group will perform Antonín Dvořák’s String Quartet No. 12, “American Quartet.” Web:

Subaiou Zhang Carter, born in Tianjin, China, took up violin at age 3. Winning a national competition for youth in China at 7, she studied violin until age 12 and after a long hiatus, resumed study at Boston University School of Music earning Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts in Violin Performance degrees. Subaiou won the Grand Prize of the Bach Competition at BU in 2015, and has performed with the Wellesley and Brookline symphonies in addition to her current appointment as Concertmaster of the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra. Subaiou also performs with the Frost String Quartet and is co-founder of the non-profit arts organization Spectacle Collective.

Dawn Perlner studied violin from before age 4, and won numerous concerto competitions and soloed with orchestras internationally before graduating high school. Holding a BS in Music from MIT and a Graduate Performance Diploma from Longy, Dawn has performed solo, chamber, and orchestral music, including world premieres and live film music. Currently principal second violin of the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra, she previously played in the Reading Symphony, MIT Summer Philharmonic, and Arlington Philharmonic orchestras.  

John Glenn was raised in a musical family with four children who composed a string quartet in which he was the violist. John has played chamber music from age 7. After meeting the Concord String Quartet at Interlochen Music Camp, he studied with the quartet’s superb violist, John Kochinowski at Dartmouth College. Active in the amateur music scene around Boston since the early 80’s, John has played with the Mystic Valley Orchestra and as principal violist with the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra since its inception in 2014. 

Julie Durrell, also from a musical family, studied cello with Gretchen Belknap, Salvatore Princiotti and Laura Blustein. She continues to be active in the amateur chamber music and orchestra community in Greater Boston. Currently principal cellist for the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra, Julie was principal cellist for the Reading Symphony and also plays for Opera 51 in Concord. 

Red Velvet Slide − original world beat, folk, pop, and rock fusion

Carlisle members: Parul Vakani, Chris Brenne, Jon Golden

Red Velvet Slide’s music embraces life, love, and subtle provocation. Theirs is a vibrant fusion of world beat, folk, pop, and rock, wrapped around full-bodied lyrics that take on the challenge of creating social awareness. Chris and Parul have recorded two full length albums together, and Chris has recorded many solo projects;  many individual tracks can be sampled on their websites. 

Parul Vakani: keyboards/percussion/vocals. Born in India, and raised in the culture of New Jersey, right off GSP Exit 165. A trained classical pianist, Parul soared through college with a vocal scholarship and never looked back. She packs a rare "4-S" skill set: Singing/ Songwriting/Synthesizing/Shakers. 

Chris Brenne: acoustic & electric guitars. From Sweden to Boston's Berklee College of Music, Chris' songwriting stems from his passion for jazz, progressive rock, and blues. Chris has performed locally for programs, and performances at BareSole Yoga. He teaches guitar privately, and instructs sessions at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.  

Jon Golden: drums/percussion/vocals. Never bored (as has been said before), Jon loves progressive, experimental, jazz, world music, ambient electronic styles, and creating original music.

Tom Curatolo: electric & upright bass/vocals. 50 years of gigging, laying down infectious grooves, touring from Florida to New England in rock, funk, R & B, and jazz entities, this Berklee grad bathes the band’s originals in those warm lower frequencies, while holding down the rhythm section with Jon.

Web:  Contact:

Chris and Parul will also perform on Saturday at the Gleason Library Book Swap; Chris will also perform solo at the Arts & Crafts Show; Jon will also perform on Saturday with The Honey Steelers and on Sunday with The Nightflies.

CJ3 Jazz Trio − classic piano/bass/drum jazz combo + clarinet

Carlisle members: Dale Joachim, John Lyons, Harvey Nosowitz, Kevin Barrow

The Carlisle-based CJ3 Jazz Trio is a group of exceptionally talented musicians with a true love for their craft, who have been performing together for the past 5 years. Their music is infused with the positivity of John Lyons' bass, the soulful singing of Harvey Nosowitz's drums, and the dissonant yet playful notes of Dale Joachim's piano.

John Lyons, a respected 35-year resident of Carlisle, has been playing jazz bass with his friends for over 20 years. Harvey Nosowitz, a well-established Carlisle local of 31 years, is an accomplished drummer with a passion for passing his knowledge on to the next generation. Dale Joachim, a resident of Carlisle for 11 years, expresses his love for music through the piano and draws from his New Orleans roots for inspiration.

For this year’s Carlisle Music Festival, the trio is joined by Kevin Barrow on clarinet, adding an extra layer of texture and excitement to their already-captivating performances. Contact: Dale will also perform solo on Saturday at the Arts & Craft SHow in Union Hall.

The Nightflies - Music of Steely Dan − 10-piece full-spectrum band

Carlisle member: Jon Golden

The Nightflies emerged from informal roots, just for the love and challenge of playing the intricate arrangements of Steely Dan's Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Their very name is a tip-of-the-hat to Fagen’s solo album, “The Nightfly.” They soon started to take themselves a few iotas more seriously, bringing to life an ambitious set of The Dan’s memorable, danceable, foot-tapping hits, plus deep cuts. Enjoy, dance, sing along!

Chris Hurren: keyboards/vocals; Gary Jenkins: bass/vocals; Lori Zuroff: vocals; Tess Ferraiolo: vocals; Marcia J. Macres: vocals; Paul Greenspan: guitars; Mickey Roache: guitars; Bob Adams: saxophone; Mark Seibel: saxophone; Jon Golden: drums, percussion. Jon will also perform on Saturday with The Honey Steelers and on Sunday with Red Velvet Slide.

Tedesco Duo − classical guitar & flute

Carlisle member: Catherine O’Kelly

Tedesco Duo is a lively flute and guitar duo from New England comprised of Arielle Burke on flute and Catherine O'Kelly on guitar. They perform repertoire from all eras, with an emphasis on contemporary music. Arielle and Catherine began performing together in 2011 as students at The Hartt School. Their first performance was of Sonatina for Flute and Guitar by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, which is what prompted them to name the ensemble "Tedesco Duo." They have since performed the works of composers such as Mauro Giuliani, Astor Piazzolla, Phillip Houghton, Libby Larsen, Roberto Sierra, and Máximo Diego Pujol.

Tedesco Duo has been praised for their communicative playing and for performing repertoire that is colorful and spirited. Web:

Walk Like A Cow − classic rock tunes reimagined on entirely unexpected instruments 

Carlisle member: Mac Ritchey

Walk Like A Cow is an ongoing transatlantic musical bromance between American multi-instrumentalist and producer Mac Ritchey and Irish percussionist and composer Dave Boyd.

Their debut EP “Walk Like A Cow Play the Traditional Music of Walk Like A Cow” is a bold reimagining of the music that influenced their formative years — using Middle Eastern Oud and Irish Bodhrán to capture the essence of rock classics from artists that inspired them, while retaining the unique characteristics of these unusual instruments.

Joining them on stage is multitalented Robert McClung on violin, guitar and bass. The trio dives deep into a repertoire of classic rock material with the most unlikely of instrumentation, innovative yet instantly familiar. 

Web:  Contact:

Lloyd Thayer − international noise merchant/world blues 

Carlisle member: Lloyd Thayer

Lloyd Thayer puts the ‘multi’ in multi-instrumentalist, playing a mind boggling assortment of stringed instruments including, but not limited to: Dobro and Weissenborn lap steel guitars, Turkish Oud, Saz and Cumbus, Indian Chaturangui and Mohan Veena, Ragmakamtar, Afghan Rabab, Ukulele and more. A recovering street performer and determined songwriter, his indoor shows combine a mixture of American folk and blues with elements of Indian, Arabic, Turkish, and Southeast Asian musical ideas, often all in the course of the same song. Greyhound lover, fog collector, and used string archivist, in his free time Lloyd memorizes the works of Bo Carter and plays the harmonica while driving in search of rare birds, instruments, or teachings, whichever comes first..... Web:

Five O'Clock Shadow − world class inventive/percussive a cappella pop group

Carlisle member: Dan Lennon 

Five O’Clock Shadow effectively blurs the lines between traditional a cappella singing and today’s mainstream audio. Throughout its 31-year history, Five O’Clock Shadow has redefined the possibilities of vocal music by incorporating mouth percussion, real-time digital effect processing and innovative writing and arranging into its critically acclaimed live performances and recordings. These six talented vocalists produce rock solid leads and harmonies, while exploring instrumental mimicry and creating unique textures that excite, entertain and inspire audiences of all ages. What’s more, these guys love what they do, and their joy is contagious!

From the United States to Europe and Asia, audiences have been witness to the revolutionary form of all-vocal music that is Five O’Clock Shadow. Now you can witness it too. Web:

Members: Dan Lennon – tenor; Jon Lavalley – tenor; Paul Pampinella – baritone; Caleb Whelden – tenor; Judd Tomaselli – bass; Scott Cobban – baritone/vocal percussion

Effects Of The Sun − improvisation

Carlisle member: Jerome Deupree

“A set of unexpected sound from 3 unsuspecting musicians”

Effects Of The Sun is a recently formulated grouping of longtime friends and former bandmates: Jerome Deupree, drums; Dana Colley, saxophone; Adam Steinberg, guitar. This is their chance to explore new musical territories and keep the audience guessing. Jerome and Dana were in the world-renowned band Morphine, and subsequent band Vapors of Morphine. Adam is a songwriter/guitarist/producer who has worked with The (Dixie) Chicks, Patty Griffin and many more top musical artists.

Web: Contact:

The Carlisle Music Festival @Old Home Day is produced by the Carlisle Cultural Council in conjunction with the Carlisle Old Home Day Committee.

This program is supported in part by grants from the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency, and the Carlisle Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Mass Cultural Council. Additional funding provided via an ARPA grant from the Town of Carlisle.