Summer Safety

The Massachusetts State Fire Marshall and the Carlisle Fire Department offers the following tips for a safe and happy summer.

Gasoline and Lawn Mowers

Gasoline vapors are highly flammable. They stay on your clothing and can ignite if you light a match or cigarette.

Store gasoline only in approved containers, outside, or in a building not attached to the house. Never keep gasoline inside the home.

Keep gasoline away from all heat sources such as smoking materials, pilot lights, campfires, and grills.

Never fuel a lawn mower while it is hot. Give it a few minutes to cool off first.

Keep hands and feet away from the mower while it is running.

Barbecue Safety

Use all barbecue grills away from the house in the backyard.
Supervise children whenever any grill is in use.
Never use gasoline on any grill.

Gas Grills

Keep all LP-Gas outside, three feet away from building openings such as doors, windows, dryer vents and intake vents.

All LP gas cylinders with a capacity between 4-40 lbs. must be equipped with an overfill protection device.

We recommend LP-gas canisters be ten feet away from the house, if possible, especially when in use.

LP-gas grills are not permitted inside or on balconies above the first floor of any building where people live.

LP-gas is heavier than air and sinks. A leaky grill could pose a hazard to people below. Possible ignition sources include smoking materials, air conditioners, compressors, pilot lights and cars.

Make sure all connections are tight and secure.

Charcoal Grills

Use only charcoal lighter fluid to start charcoal grills. Once coals have been lighted, never add lighter fluid to the fire - flames may travel up the stream of lighter fluid resulting in serious burns.

When your car overheats…


Turn off your car and wait at least one-half hour before attempting to open the radiator

Use a heavy rag or cloth to open the radiator.

Stand back as far as possible. Keep your face out of the way in case the radiator should rupture.

Opening hot car radiators is one of the leading causes of burns to young adults. These burns can be prevented with patience and appropriate precautions.

When you car overheats, or even when it’s just been running for a while, pressure builds up in the radiator.

If you open hot car radiator, hot steam and liquid can splash your face and hands causing painful, disfiguring burns.


Enjoy the many professional, supervised fireworks displays.

The possession and use of all fireworks by private citizens is illegal in Massachusetts.

This includes sparklers, party poppers, snappers, firecrackers and cherry bombs, to name a few.

It is illegal to purchase fireworks in another state and transport them into Massachusetts.

Do not purchase fireworks through mail-order catalogues. We cannot prohibit distribution of these catalogues, but we do confiscate illegal shipments of fireworks. Many consumers attempting to circumvent the law have lost both their money and their fireworks.

Burn First Aid

Stop, Drop, and Roll to extinguish a clothing fire.

Cool a burn. For minor burns, run cool water immediately over the burn.

Seek emergency medical help immediately for more serious burns.

Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.