About Town Meeting

Town Meeting is the legislative body for the Town of Carlisle. Its most fundamental responsibilities include:

  • Government Structure. Deciding what elected officers the Town will have (although not the individuals who actually fill the offices; they are elected at a town-wide election), what salary it will pay these officers, and their terms of office;
  • Town Finances. Deciding for what purposes the Town will spend money, how much may be spent for each purpose; and where the money will come from (i.e.,current tax receipts, borrowing, or other sources);
  • Legislation. Adopting and amending laws (referred to as "bylaws") that regulate matters such as:
    • The structure and operation of Town government
    • The organization and procedures for administration of Town business
    • The conduct of citizens
    • The use of land
    • How and where certain occupations may be conducted.

Carlisle holds an Annual Team Meeting each year in late April or early May. Special Town Meetings may be called at other times of the year.

For a one-page overview of the procedures followed at Town Meeting, see the Quick Start Guide (PDF)

For a more detailed overview, please click here (PDF).