How do I file a permit application?

As a convenience, Fire Department permit applications are available during normal business hours (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) Monday through Friday at the Carlisle Town Hall, 66 Westford Street in the Building Commissioners office on second floor. Applications may be completed there and left along with the inspection and permit fee in the fire department mailbox.

Applications are picked up early morning the next day. Applicants will be contacted by the department (usually within 3 business days but no later than 5 business days) to make an appointment for an inspection. Please note that applications left on Friday are not picked up until Monday morning.

Please note that the Fire Department has no staff at Town Hall or the Fire Station on a regular basis, therefore all questions regarding fire prevention laws, regulations as well as inspections and permits must be directed to the Fire Department Fire Prevention Office by voice mail at 978-287-0072, ext. 339 or by email.

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