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Town of Carlisle Online Excise Tax Abatement

  1.           Carlisle Online Excise Tax Abatement

  2. Welcome to the Town of Carlisle's new online Excise Tax Abatement Application. This form will allow those seeking an excise tax abatement to submit all the necessary documentation electronically. Following the completion of all the necessary fields and required documentation, your application will be emailed to the Assessors Office. After submitting your application, you should receive an emailed reply from this office within 24 to 48 hours with either the revised balance due for an outstanding bill or the amount of your refund for a bill previously paid.  

  3. Email address where you can be contacted

  4. Address where the vehicle was registered in Carlisle

  5. Please provide the registration number for the vehicle for which you are seeking an excise tax abatement for.

  6. Please provide the excise tax bill of the vehicle you are seeking an abatement for.

  7. If the vehicle was sold or traded: Purchase & Sale Agreement, Private Bill of Sale, Donation Receipt, Statement of Total Loss, etc.

    If the vehicle was declared a total loss: Proof of Loss letter from your insurance, which includes the vehicle information and incident or loss date.

    If the vehicle is registered in a new state: A copy of the new state's registration.

  8. Please attach the Registration Cancellation Receipt, lost plate affidavit, or new registration if the plates we transferred.

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