Applications & Other Forms

An Important Note on the Application Process

It is essential to first review the Planning Board Rules and Regulations pertaining to the type of application you are filing before completing an application form. These Regulations will describe in detail the requirements of a particular application, and the information that must be provided with an application.

It is highly recommended that, before filing a formal application package with the Town Clerk and the Planning Office, the applicant schedule an informal discussion with the Planning Administrator to discuss the proposal and to review the content of the draft application to ensure that all requirements will be met. Applicants have found that this approach can save time as well as resources, as the meeting will identify what information and engineering plans are (and are not) needed, and it often results in a more streamlined public hearing process.

Agreement for Reimbursement of Expenses (PDF)

Site Plan Review Application Form (PDF)

Special Permit Application Form (PDF)

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