ZBA Exhibits - Lifetime Green Homes

Brem_001_07.03.2014 (PDF)     Lifetime Green Homes Application

Brem_002                                   Applicant’s Stormwater Management report Vol. 1  - See Brem 003

Brem_003_07.03.2014 (PDF)     Applicant’s Stormwater Management report Vol. 1 revised  (5.2 mb)

Brem_004_07.03.2014 (PDF)     Applicant’s Stormwater Management report Volume 2 (11 mb)

Brem_005_07.03.2014 (PDF)     Site plan – full size map n.a. electronically, see 8½” x 11” in Brem_001

Brem_006_07.03.2014 (PDF)     Utility plan – full size map n.a. electronically, see 8½” x 11” in Brem_001

Brem_007_07.22.2014 (PDF)     Letter from Hill Law – abutters comments

Brem_008_07.18.2014 (PDF)     Letter from Carlisle BOH regarding well classification

Brem_009_07.03.2013 (PDF)     Applicant’s Requested Waivers

Brem_010_07.26.2014 (PDF)     Letter of comments from Carlisle Fire Department

Brem_011_07.28.2014 (PDF)     Purchase & Sale Agreement of 100 Long Ridge Rd to Lifetime Green Homes

Brem_012_07.06.2014 (PDF)     Proposed Scope of Services for traffic study by MDM Transport

Brem_013_07.28.2014 (PDF)     Lifetime Green Homes Commonwealth of Mass Annual Report

Brem_014_08.07.2014 (PDF)     Letter from BOH requesting written determination regarding wells

Brem_015_07.29.2014 (PDF)     Ltr. from applicant to BOH regarding DEP Annual Report – Water Supply

Brem_016_07.29.2014 (PDF)     Ch. 40B Technical Review Assistance Application

Brem_017_08.08.2014 (PDF)     Nobis Engineering proposal for professional services (4.1 mbs)

Brem_018_08.07.2014 (PDF)     Nitsch Engineering proposal for civil and traffic peer review

Brem_019_08.06.2014 (PDF)     Horsely Witten Group proposal for Environmental Consulting Services

Brem_020_08.08.2014 (PDF)     Beals & Thomas response to request to provide consulting svcs. (14 mb)

Brem_021_08.15.2014 (PDF)     Grading plan – full size map – not available electronically

Brem_022_08.20.2014 (PDF)     Deschenes & Farrell, P.C. letter requesting permission to survey wells

Brem_023_08.20.2014 (PDF)     Memo of comments from Planning Board to ZBA

Brem_024_09.03.2014 (PDF)     Email from applicant regarding list of documents from 8/27/14 meeting

Brem_025_09.03.2014 (PDF)     Email from Member Galligan – list of incomplete areas on application

Brem_026_08.26.2014 (PDF)     Applicant's NOI as delivered to Conservation Comm on paper (8 mb)

Brem_027 - Brem_049                not used

Brem_050_08.14.2014 (PDF)     Horsley Witten Group revised proposal for consulting services

Brem_051_08.14.2014 (PDF)     Horsley Witten Group professional experience of Neal M. Price

Brem_052_08.14.2014 (PDF)     Horsley Witten Group Conventry Woods report

Brem_053_08.13.2014 (PDF)     Nitsch Engineering revised proposal for civil engineering services

Brem_054_08.29.2014 (PDF)     Email from Nitsch Eng re: Proposal Update for 40B

Brem_055_09.03.2014 (PDF)     Copy of check from applicant for $18,000 for peer review costs

Brem 056                                     not used

Brem_057_09.05.2014                Architectural Plans at scale of ¼” = 1’ – 0”

Brem_058_09.10.2014 (PDF)     MDM Transportation report with comments from Nitsch Eng

Brem_059_09.11.2014 (PDF)     MHJ Associates memorandum re: Missing Documents

Brem_060_09.12.2014 (PDF)     Applicant’s letter to ZBA re: water supply – wells & hydrogeologic study  

Brem_061_09.15.2014 (PDF)     MDM Transportation report with comments from Nitsch Eng

Brem_062_09.15.2014 (PDF)     Email to ZBA from abutter Dave Ringheiser

Brem_063_09.15.2014 (PDF)     Ltr. from applicant to ConsCom, Cc:ZBA rgd 3rd reviewer at site inspection

Brem_064_09.15.2014 (PDF)     Letter from Hill Law - list of abutters representing

Brem_065_09.22.2014 (PDF)     Letter from applicant to MassHousing – update on project

Brem_066_09.24.2014 (PDF)     Letter from ZBA to applicant requesting delinquent information

Brem_067_09.26.2014 (PDF)     Letter from applicant to ZBA regarding traffic study

Brem_068_09.26.2014 (PDF)     Plan of Existing Conditions of wells & septic within 200 feet of property

Brem_069_09.26.2014 (PDF)     Ltr. from applicant’s attorney addressing missing document and revised waivers

Brem_070_10.01.2014 (PDF)     BOH rsp. to ZBA request for comments on water supply & septic system  

Brem_071_10.03.2014 (PDF)     Hill Law memo to BOH regarding Public Water System Determination

Brem_072_10.02.2014 (PDF)     Assessor’s letter to abutter missed in initial notification

Brem_073_10.02.2014 (PDF)     BOH letter to ZBA regarding proposed well testing protocol

Brem_074_10.02.2014 (PDF)     ConsCom Ltr to ZBA re Wetlands Hearing and Wetlands Peer Review Status

Brem_075_10.01.2014 (PDF)     BOH ltr to ZBA: Water Supply - Wells Testing Protocol

Brem_076_10.03.2014 (PDF)     HILL Law Memo to ZBA  re Horsley Witten Grp Hydrolgy Study

Brem_077_10.06.2014 (PDF)     Letter from Lyn Lemaire to ZBA regarding 40B Concerns

Brem_078_10.06.2014               See BREM 095

Brem_079_09.15.2014 (PDF)     NGI scope of work report to applicant Re: ground water (table missing).

Brem_080_10.14.2014 (PDF)      NGI Scope of Work Report to Applicant Re: Ground Water (table included)

Brem_081_10.17.2014 (PDF)      Ltr from Horsley Witten Group to ZBA regarding Goundwater Analysis

Brem_082_10.21.2014 (PDF)      GeoHydroCycle, Inc. representing abutters recommendations

Brem_083_10.21.2014 (PDF)      Board of Health Scope of Work Recommendations to ZBA

Brem_084_10.21.2014 (PDF)      Proposed Condominium Provisions Relative to Water Lines and Wells

Brem_085_10.24.2014 (PDF)      Traffic Assessment by MDM Transportation Consultants, Inc (8mb)

Brem_086_10.24.2014 (PDF)      Landscape Plan prepared by Garnder + Gerrish, LLC (2 pages)

Brem_087_10.24.2014                Nitsch Engineering Peer Review Initial Report – Preliminary

Brem_088_10.27.2014 (PDF)     Nitsch Engineering Peer Review Initial Report – Final

Brem_089_10.23.2014 (PDF)     Board of Health Additional Scope of Work Recommendations

Brem_090_10.30.2014 (PDF)     Proforma documents from applicant

Brem_091_10.30.2014 (PDF)     Letter of concern to ZBA from Susan Blankenship, a Carlisle resident

Brem_092_10.31.2014                See BREM 094

Brem_093_10.31.2014 (PDF)     Letter from Applicant to BOA re: septic system

Brem_094_11-03-2014                Updated Traffic Memo from NITSCH Eng., Replaces BREM 092

Brem_095_11-03-2014 (PDF)     Updated Architectural Board Replaces BREM 078

Brem_096_11-03-2014 (PDF)     Locus Map with Plan Inserted & Neighborhood Tree Cover

Brem_097_11-07-2014 (PDF)     Project location overlay on satellite view

Brem_098_11-03-2014                Rear Perspective of Building Type A

Brem 099 11-03-2014 (PDF)       Project Building Specifications

Brem_100_11-03-2014 (PDF)     Architectural Facsimile - Building Type B

Brem_101_11-06-2014 (PDF)     Agreement to extend time to conduct public hearing

Brem_102_11-07-2014 (PDF)     Ltr from Applicant to Cons Comm in resp to EcoTec, Inc review

Brem_103_11-07-2014 (PDF)     Review of Notice of Intent form Eco Tec, Inc. to Cons Comm

Brem_104_11-10-2014 (PDF)     Ltr of recommendations to Building Inspector from the Fire Dept

Brem_105_11-13-2014 (PDF)     Neighborhood Well and Septic Exhibit

Brem_106_11-13-2014 (PDF)     Neighborhood Flow Path Exhibit

Brem_107_11-14-2014 (PDF)     GeoHydroCycle, Inc ltr. to Nitsch Engineering re: testing recommendations

Brem_108_11-14-2014 (PDF)     Applicant's letter to BOA

Brem_109_11-14-2014 (PDF)     Ltr to Mass DEP re: groundwater resources from Carlisle Town Counsel

Brem_110_11-17-2014 (PDF)     Letter to BOS from Thornton Ash, re: water testing

Brem_111_11-17-2014 (PDF)     Letter to BOS from Steven Davis, re: water testing

Brem_112_11-17-2014 (PDF)     Letter to BOS from Carolyn and Colin Higgins, re: water testing

Brem_113_11-17-2014 (PDF)     Well Impact Testing Options Submitted B

Brem_114_11-17-2014 (PDF)     Private Well Guidelines Pgs 15 and 16

Brem_115_11-17-2014 (PDF)     Rendering of Water Flow Submitted by SC

Brem_116_11-17-2014 (PDF)     Richard Williams, PHD, Regard

Brem 117 11-24-2014 (PDF)       Letter of concern to the ZBA from Dave Ringheiser, an abutter

Brem_118 11-24-2014 (PDF)     Letter of concern to the ZBA from Thornton Ash, an abutter

Brem_119 12-01-2014 (PDF)     Letter of concern to BOS from Long Ridge Road Neighbors

Brem_120 12-01-2014 (PDF)     Letter from BOH regarding meeting with MassDep on water supply

Brem_121 12-04-2014 (PDF)     Letter of clarification to BOS rom Thornton Ash, an abutter

Brem_122 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Response ltr. by applicant to peer review, Fire & Police Dpts & others

Brem_123 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Residential Site Plan – cover sheet

Brem_124 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Residential Site Plan – detail

Brem_125 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Residential Site Plan – existing conditions

Brem_126 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Residential Site Plan – layout/dimension plan

Brem_127 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Residential Site Plan – detailed grading & utility plan

Brem_128 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Residential Site Plan – Plan & Profile and Utility plan – Phase 1

Brem_129 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Residential Site Plan – Plan & Profile and Utility plan – Phase 2

Brem_130 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Stormwater Management Design – Signed and Stamped

Brem_131 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Stormwater Management Design – Volume 1 of 2 (11.8 MB)

Brem_132 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Stormwater Management Design – Volume 2 of 2

Brem_133 12-08-2014 (PDF)     Pressure Sewer Prelim Cost & Design Analysis by Environment One Corp

Brem_134 12-08-2014 (PDF)     E/ONE Pressure System Design Report

Brem_135 Not used

Brem_136 12-12-2014 (PDF)     Landscape plan by Gardner + Gerrish, LLC

Brem_137 12-12-2014 (PDF)     Plant schedule by Gardner + Gerrish, LLC

Brem_138 12-22-2014 (PDF)     Nitsch Eng. Revised Peer Review Report

Brem_139 12-24-2014 (PDF)     GeoHydroCycle, Inc. recommendations regarding groundwater testing  

Brem_140 12-31-2014 (PDF)     Applicant's amendments to requested local waivers

Brem_141 12-31-2014 (PDF)     Applicant's attorney letter to ZBA regarding waivers

Brem_142 01-02-2015 (PDF)     Correspondence from Hill Law to ZBA rgd revised design of the project

Brem_143 01-05-2015 (PDF)     Board of Health memorandum to ZBA regarding waivers

Brem_144 01-05-2015 (PDF)     Mass DEP Clarification of Groundwater Mounding Analysis & Pressure Distrib

Brem_145 01-05-2015 (PDF)     Applicant's Computation of Sewage Flows

Brem_146 01-08-2015 (PDF)     Soil Testing Brem-2012,2014

Brem_147 01-08-2015 (PDF)     Soil Testing Berkes - 1998

Brem_148 01-09-2015 (PDF)     Applicant's Attorney's ltr. to ZBA regarding Hydro testing and extension

Brem_149 01-12-2015 (PDF)     Letter of concern to Mass DEP from Thornton Ash, an abutter

Brem_150 01-13-2015 (PDF)     Letter of concern to Mass DEP from Lyn Lemaire, a resident

Brem_151 01-14-2015 (PDF)     Proposed Scope of Services from Nobis engineer Jim Vernon

Brem_152 01-14-2015 (PDF)     Comments and Recommendations from GeoHydroCycle, Inc., Steve Smith

Brem_153 01-16-2015 (PDF)     Comments on Revised Plans from Carlisle Planning Board

Brem_154 01-20-2015 (PDF)     Applicant's letter of approval for Nobis Engineering to inspect the property

Brem_155 01-22-2015 (PDF)     BOH comments on water supply classification

Brem_156 01-22-2015 (PDF)     Fire Dept. comments on Nitsch Peer Review Report

Brem_157 01-23-2015 (PDF)     Town Advisory Group input to the ZBA on the process

Brem_158 01-26-2015 (PDF)     CCC response to ZBA request for comment

Brem_159 01-28-2015 (PDF)     Letter from Lyn Lemaire, a resident, to BOS requesting bylaw enforcement

Brem_160 02-02-2015 (PDF)     Letter to ZBA from the Applicant providing an update

Brem_161 02-03-2015 (PDF)     MDM Transportation Response to Peer Review Comments

Brem_162 02-03-2015 (PDF)     MDM Transportation Revised Traffic Study 166p.

Brem_163 02-06-2015 (PDF)     Extension of hearing process agreement

Brem_164 02.06.2015 (PDF)      Applicant’s response to comments from Nitsch Eng letter of 12/22/14

Brem_165 02-06-2015 (PDF)     Stormwater Management Report – Volume 1 of 2

Brem_166 02-06-2015 (PDF)     Stormwater Management Report – Volume 2 of 2

Brem_167 02-06-2015 (PDF)     Revised Residential Site Plan Set (19mb)

Brem_168 02-18-2015 (PDF)     BOH letter to ZBA regarding Grinder Pumps in Chelmsford

Brem_169 02-11-2015 (PDF)     ConsCom forwarding req/ from Applicant to continue ConsCom hearing

Brem_170 02-18-2015 (PDF)      Nitsch Engineering Drainage Review based Applicant’s revised report

Brem_171 02-19-2015 (PDF)      BOH letter to ZBA regarding Title 5

Brem_172 02-20-2015 (PDF)     Nobis Engineering Independent Hydrogeologic Study – Phase 1 Report

Brem_173 02-23-2015 (PDF)     List of open issues prepared by ZBA member Martin Galligan

Brem_174 02-23-2015 (PDF)     Town Counsel req. for Peer Review Fees and Hydorgeologic Information

Brem_175 02-23-2015 (PDF)     Request from Applicant’s Attorney for continuance of hearing

Brem_176 02-23.2015 (PDF)     Applicant’s Attorney correspondence to Town Counsel

Brem_177 02-26-2015 (PDF)     Stormwater Management Report Volume 1 of 2

Brem_178 02-26-2015 (PDF)     Stormwater Management Report Volume 2 of 2 (7.2 mb)

Brem_179 02-26-2015 (PDF)     Bioretention Planting schedule

Brem_180 02-26 2015 (PDF)     Plan & Profile and Utility Plan – Phase 1

Brem_181 02-26-2015 (PDF)     Detailed Grading and Utility Plan

Brem_182 02-26-2015 (PDF)     Plan & Profile and Utility Plan – Phase 2

Brem_183 02-23-2015 (PDF)     Letter of concern to the BOS form Lyn Lemaire, a Carlisle resident

Brem_184 03-03-2015 (PDF)     Applicants ltr. to Peer Reviewer abt. HydroCAD & minor plan revisions

Brem_185 03-04-2015 (PDF)     ConsCom request to Applicant for WPA fees

Brem_186 03-05-2015 (PDF)     Letter of concern to the BOS from Lyn Leamire, a Carlisle resident

Brem_187 03-13-2015 (PDF)     Town Counsel req. to Applcant to provide hydrogeologic information

Brem_188 03-13-2015 (PDF)     Plan of monitoring well locations (1.3mb)

Brem_189 03-13-2015 (PDF)     Nitsch Engineering latest drainage review

Brem_190 03-13-2015 (PDF)     Town Counsel ltr. to Applicant - Outstanding Issues for 3/26/15 Hearing

Brem_191 03-16-2015 (PDF)     Applicant's rsp. to ZBA list of variations from standard practice

Brem_192 03-25-2015 (PDF)     Letter from Applicant's Attorney regarding survey data

Brem_193 03-25-2015 (PDF)     Northeast Geoscience Inc. Goundwater Impact Analysis

Brem_194 03-26-2015 (PDF)     Ltr. from Applicant presented at 3/26/15 meeting

Brem_195 03-26-2015 (PDF)     Ltr. from Applicant's Attorney presented at 3/26/15 meeting (6.7mb)

Brem_196 03-31-2015 (PDF)     Civil Eng response to Nitsch letter of 3/13/15

Brem_197 03-31-2015 (PDF)     Revised Construction Plans (22.2mb)

Brem_198 04-02-2015 (PDF)     Nitsch Engineering Traffic Memorandum

Brem 199 04-02-2015 (PDF)     Hearing Extension Agreement from Applicant's Attorney

Brem 200 04-03-2015 (PDF)     Town Advisory Group Report

Brem 201 04-06-2015 (PDF)     Applicant's list of changes to Construction Site Plan

Brem 202 04-10-2015 (PDF)     Horsley Witten Group comments on NGI report

Brem 203 04-15-2015 (PDF)     Letter of concern regarding potential hydro impacts from Kenneth Belitz, Carlisle resident

Brem 204 04-17-2015 (PDF)    Letter of concern from group of abutters

Brem 205 04-15-2015 (PDF)    Letter from Thornton Ash, an abutter

Brem 206 04-17-2015 (PDF)    Nitsch Engineering updated comments and recommendations

Brem 207 04-17-2015 (PDF)    GeoHydroCycle,Inc review of NGI Groundwater Impact Analysis Rpt.

Brem 208 04-22-2015 (PDF)    Landscape Sign Feature profile view

Brem 209 04-22-2015 (PDF)    Photograph of rock to be used as sign (2mb)

Brem 210 04-23-2015 (PDF)    Fire Cistern requirements for recent residential developments

Brem 211 04-24-2015 (PDF)    Town Counsel ltr to DEP regarding Water Supply designation (11mb)

Brem 212 05-01-2015 (PDF)    Nobis Engineering Phase 2 Report (5.4mb)

Brem 213 05-04-2015 (PDF)    Northeast Geoscience Inc resp. to GeoHydroCycle ltr. of 4/17/15

Brem 214 05-04-2015 (PDF)    Horsley Witten Group Inc Nitrogen Loading Analysis

Brem 215 05-01-2015 (PDF)    Landscape sign - exhibit G

Brem 216 05-01-2015 (PDF)    Landscape sign - exhibit H

Brem 217 05-01-2015 (PDF)    Landscape sign - exhibit I

Brem 218 05-04-2015 (PDF)    Nobis Engineering presentation at 5/4/15 meeting

Brem 219 05-13-2015 (PDF)    Applicant's response to Nobis Engineering Report of 5/1/15

Brem 220 05-14-2015 (PDF)    GeoHydroCycle, Inc. review of NGI's report dated 5/4/15

Brem 221 05-15-2015 (PDF)    Nitsch Engineering memo on nitrogen calculation

Brem 222 05-18-2015 (PDF)    DEP response to Town Counsel request for water supply classification

Brem 223 05-19-2015 (PDF)    Attorney Deschenes letter to ZBA about peer review fees

Brem 224 05-20-2015 (PDF)    Technical Memorandum as an Addendum to Nobis' Phase 2 report (2.1mb)

Brem 225 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Impervious surface map

Brem 226 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Letter of concern to the State from David Ringheiser, an abutter

Brem 227 05-29-2015 (PDF)    E-Mail from Marty Galligan with 2-page Nitrogen equivalency calculation

Brem 228 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Unit layout change

Brem 229 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Detailed grading & utility plan (color)

Brem 230 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Landscape plan

Brem 231 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Layout/Dimension plan

Brem 232 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Detailed grading & utility plan

Brem 233 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Artform Home Plans - Calinda

Brem 234 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Artform Home Plans - Brandywine Gold

Brem 235 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Artform Home Plans - Brandywine Classic

Brem 236 05-29-2015 (PDF)    Letter to the ZBA from the Applicant regarding new plans

Brem 237 06-01-2015 (PDF)    Summary of Requested Waivers

Brem 238 06-05-2015 (PDF)    Town Advisory Group letter to ZBA s

Brem 239 06-05-2015 (PDF)    Attachment to TAG letter - Coventry Decision

Brem 240 06-05-2015 (PDF)    Attachment to TAG letter - Rockpoint Decision  

Brem 241 06-05-2015 (PDF)    Applicant's letter to ZBA

Brem 242 06-05-2015 (PDF)    Goldenrod architect plan attachment Brem_241

Brem 243 06-05-2015 (PDF)    Building specification attachment to Brem_241  

Brem 244 06-05-2015 (PDF)    Unit style  & Bedroom tabulation attachment to Brem_241

Brem 245 06-08-2015 (PDF)    ConsCom conditions recommendations to the ZBA

Brem 246 06-09-2015 (PDF)    Revised ConsCom conditions recommendations

Brem 247 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Preliminary Conditions List

Brem 248 06-09-2015 (PDF)    Aggregation of Flows and Nitrogen Loading by Nitsch Eng

Brem 249 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Applicant's submittal letter to ZBA

Brem 250 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 13 units with equiv calcs

Brem 251 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 13 units

Brem 252 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 16 units

Brem 253 06-09-2015 (PDF)    Revised Birches Pro-forma 17 units

Brem 254 06-09-2015 (PDF)    Revised Birches Pro-forma 18 units

Brem 255 06-09-2015 (PDF)    Revised Birches Pro-forma 19 units

Brem 256 06-09-2015 (PDF)    Revised Birches Pro-forma 20 units

Brem 257 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Uneconomic analysis, well setback waiver, Exhibit D

Brem 258 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Uneconomic analysis, well setback 165 GPD, Exhibit E

Brem 259 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 4 units

Brem 260 06-10-2015 (PDF)    Letter to ZBA regarding 110 standard from an abutter

Brem 261 06-12-2015 (PDF)    Applicant's comments on the draft conditions

Brem 262 06-12-2015 (PDF)    BOH response to waiver requests

Brem 263 06-15-2015 (PDF)    Planning Board Recommendations on Requested Waivers

Brem 264 06-15-2015 (PDF)    Nitsch Engineering memo regarding Septic Flow

Brem 265 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 17 units

Brem 266 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 18 units

Brem 267 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 19 units

Brem 268 06-08-2015 (PDF)    Birches Pro-forma 20 units

Brem 269 06-19-2015 (PDF)    Extension Request from Attorney Doug Deschenes

Brem 270 06-18-2015 (PDF)    Planning Board decision on special permit for Garrison Place

Brem 271 06-18-2015 (PDF)    Operation and Management Plan for Garrison Place

Brem 272 06-22-2015 (PDF)    Definitive Subdivision Approval by Planning Board for Hart Farm Estates

Brem 273 06-26-2015 (PDF)    Letter of concern to the ZBA from David Ringheiser, Carlisle resident

Brem 274 06-24-2015 (PDF)    Revised Detailed Grading and Utility Plan

Brem 275 06-26-2015 (PDF)    Revised Layout/Dimension Plan

Brem 276 06-26-2015 (PDF)    Revised Detailed Granding and Utility Plan

Brem 277 06-26-2015 (PDF)    Revised Plan and Profile & Utility Plan

Brem 278 06-26-2015 (PDF)    BOH condition regarding escrow accounts

Brem 279 06-25-2015 (PDF)    Input from abutters and neighbors to conditions and condo docs

Brem 280 06-24-2015 (PDF)    Well data and central tendency statistics for project, PDF Summary

Brem 281 06-24-2015 (PDF)    Well data and central tendency statistics for project, XLS file

Brem 282 06-24-2015 (PDF)    Cover letter from Member Hinton to statistics for project

Brem 283 06-23-2015 (PDF)    Link to video regarding water on Cape Cod (updated)

Brem 284 06-29-2015 (PDF)    Letter of concern from Susan Blankenship, an abutter

Brem 285 06-29-2015 (PDF)    Covenant for Operations and Maintenance for Garrison Place

Brem 286 06-29-2015 (PDF)    Draft Conditions Concerning Condo documents

Brem 287 06-29-2015 (PDF)    Applicant's letter to ZBA regarding Consultant Review Fees

Brem 288 07-13-2015 (PDF)    Draft Decision - version 1

Brem 289 07-17-2015 (PDF)    Draft Decision - version 2

Brem 290 08-12-2015 (PDF)    Final decision for 100 Long Ridge Rd (17mb)

Brem 291 07-08-2016 (PDF)    Revised site plan dated 2/6/16

Brem 292 08-02-2016 (PDF)    ConsCom comments regarding revised site plan

Brem 293 08-03-2016 (PDF)    Planning Board's comments regarding revised Site Plan

Brem 294 08-05-2016 (PDF)    Applicant's Summary of The Birches Plan Changes

Brem 295 08-05-2016 (PDF)    Board of Health comments regarding revised site plan

Brem 296 08-08-2016 (PDF)    Letter of concern from abutter David Ringheiser

Brem 297 08-08-2016 (PDF)    NGI Wastewater & Water Supply Design Modification Impacts

Brem 298 08-11-2016 (PDF)    Summary of Planning Administrator's 8/8/16 comments

Brem 299 08-13-2016 (PDF)    Fire Chief David Flannery's comments on the revised site plan

Brem 300 08-22-2016 (PDF)    Public Water Supply Utility Plan

Brem 301 08-22-2016 (PDF)    Stormwater Management Volume 2 HydroCAD

Brem 302 08-22-2016 (PDF)    Stormwater Management Volume 1

Brem 303 08-25-2016 (PDF)    Revised site plan for Fire Truck Turning Exhibi

Brem 304 08-25-2016 (PDF)    Applicant's letter explaining Plan P revision

Brem 305 08-23-2016 (PDF)    Attachment A to Brem_304, updated Nitro Equivalency Calculations

Brem 306 08-26-2016 (PDF)    Conservation Commission's revised comments

Brem 307 08-30-2016 (PDF)    Corrected tabulation of bedroom mix

Brem 308 09-09-2016 (PDF)    Additional comments from the Board of Health

Brem 309 09-09-2016 (PDF)    Attachment to Brem_308

Brem 310 09-30-2016 (PDF)    Figures for Nobis Phase 4

Brem 311 09-30-2016 (PDF)    Tables for Nobis Phase 4

Brem 312 09-30-2016 (PDF)    Nobis Phase 4 Report (11 mb)

Brem 313 09-30-2016 (PDF)    Attachments A,B,C for Nobis Phase 4

Brem 314 09-30-2016 (PDF)    Attachment D to Nobis Phase 4 report (draft)

Brem 315 10-03-2016 (PDF)    Letter from abutter Dave Ringheiser questioning Nobis report

Brem 316A 10-03-2016 (PDF)  Key Chapters from MassDep Guideline for PWS

Brem 316B 10-03-2016 (PDF)  Appendix D

Brem 316C 10-03-2016 (PDF)  Chapter 4 Groundwater Supply delivery

Brem 316D 10-03-2016 (PDF)  Chapter 2 General design considerations

Brem 317 10-03-2016 (PDF)    Nobis attachment D (final) to Phase 4 report

Brem 318 10-04-2016 (PDF)    Revised 2016 Nobis Phase 4 proposal

Brem 319 10-05-2016 (PDF)    Letter of concern from abutter Colin Higgins

Brem 320 10-12-2016 (PDF)    Letter of concern from abutter David Ringheiser

Brem 321 10-18-2016 (PDF)    Peer Review Report by Nitsch Eng

Brem 322 10-25-2016 (PDF)    Nobis Tech Memo on nitrate mass balance

Brem 323 10-26-2016 (PDF)    Applicant's response to Nitsch peer review report

Brem 324 11-28-2016 (PDF)    Guidelines for Title 5 Aggregation of Flows and Nitro Loading

Brem 325 12-01-2016 (PDF)    Letter of concern from abutter Mike Hanauer, 200 Long Ridge Rd

Brem 326 12-04-2016 (PDF)    Letter regarding fire safety from abutter Thornton Ash

Brem 327 12-05-2016 (PDF)    Comments regarding cistern requirements from Chief of the Fire Department

Brem 328 12-06-2016 (PDF)    Letter of concern regarding water quality from Dave Ringheiser

Brem 329 12-08-2016 (PDF)    Correspondence from abutter Dave Ringerheiser regarding protect abutters water

Brem 330 12-08-2016 (PDF)    Final Nobis Overburden Bedrock Tech Memo

Brem 331 12-15-2016 (PDF)    Revision of site plan with Fire Truck Turnaround

Brem 332 12-20-2016 (PDF)    Letter from Attorney Dan Hill regarding hydrologist study (5.9 mb)

Brem 333 12-24-2016 (PDF)    Letter of concern from abutter David Ringheiser

Brem 334 12-24-2016 (PDF)    BOH waivers report from the Applicant's hydrogeologist

Brem 335 01-04-2017 (PDF)    Nobis Engineering review of NGI report (Brem 334)

Brem 336 01-04-2017 (PDF)    NGI Additional Modeling Results

Brem 337 01-04-2017 (PDF)    Applicant's letter regarding funding for mechanism to replace wells outside of project

Brem 338 01-04-2017 (PDF)    Attny. Bobrowski's proposed edits to Conditions of Approval (11mb)

Brem 339 01-05-2017 (PDF)    Project dispersion model sensitivity analysis table

Brem 340 01-06-2017 (PDF)    Revised fire truck turnaround per NFPA

Brem 341 01-06-2017 (PDF)    Exhibit U potential 48,000 gallon cistern

Brem 342 01-10-2017 (PDF)    Letter from David Freedman regarding BOH waivers

Brem 343 01-16-2017 (PDF)    A letter of concern regarding water from abutter David Ringheiser

Brem 344 01-16-2017 (PDF)    Nobis response to statement in Brem_338

Brem 345 01-17-2017 (PDF)    Fire Chief comments on Turning Template & Cistern

Brem 346 01-17-2017 (PDF)    Nobis response to NGI 1/4/17 report (8 mb)

Brem 347 01-18-2017 (PDF)    Board of Health requested waivers

Brem 348 01-19-2017 (PDF)    NGI mixing zone dilution analysis

Brem 349 01-19-2017 (PDF)    NGI Comments on Nobis 1/3/17 report

Brem 350 01-19-2017 (PDF)    Letter from Planning Administrator regarding fire protection

Brem 351 01-19-2017 (PDF)    Letter from abutter Stephen Davis regarding Blue Baby Syndrome

Brem 352 01-19-2017 (PDF)    Letter from Lyn Lemaire regarding issues Board should consider

Brem 353 02-28-2017 (PDF)    Final 100 Long Ridge Rd Decision After Remand - (17mb)