Massachusetts Workplace Poster Requirements

Employers in Massachusetts are required to post the notices below. This page is provided as a convenience, but may not be comprehensive.



Massachusetts Wage
 and Hour Laws

M.G.L. ch.151 §16

Fair Employment Law

M.G.L. ch.151B §7

Parental Leave Act

M.G.L. ch.149 §105D

Information on Employees’ Unemployment Insurance Coverage

M.G.L. ch.151A §62A

Workers' Compensation Notice to Employees Poster

M.G.L. ch.152 §22

Earned Sick Time

M.G.L. ch.149, §148C

Job Safety and Health
 (Private Companies Only)


Safety and Health Poster
 (Public Agencies Only)

M.G.L. Ch149 §6

Temporary Worker
 Right to Know

M.G.L. ch.149 §159C

Domestic Worker Rights

M.G.L. ch.149 §190

Chemical Right-to-Know Workplace Notice
 (Public Agencies Only)

M.G.L. ch.111F §11

U.S. Department of
 Labor Posters


Paid Family and Medical Leave mandatory workplace poster