Youth Commission

The primary goal of the Youth Commission is to provide a monthly activity for Carlisle middle school students from both public and private schools. Friday Night Live (FNL) provides all Carlisle middle school aged (sixth, seventh and eighth grade) residents with a safe, all-inclusive, entertaining place to socialize with their peers. FNL is usually held on the first Friday of each month in the Corey Gym and Exercise Room at the Carlisle Public School from 7-9:30 p.m., unless preempted by a scheduling conflict or snow. FNL is run by the Carlisle Youth Commission. Though it is held at the Carlisle Public School, FNL is not sponsored by the Carlisle Public Schools.

Friday Night Live Youth Commission Logo

For detailed information about Friday Night Live, click here (PDF).

Members Term Expires
Lauree Cameron Eckler, Chair 2024
Amy Smack 2024
Stefani Keene  2025
Chelsea Mascari 2025
Heather Wright 2026