Police Station Building Renovation Committee


The Select Board establishes the Police Station Building Renovation Committee to oversee the repair, renovation, and expansion of the Carlisle Police Station located on Lowell Street. The authority of this Committee includes advising the Town’s hired professional designers, engineers, and construction firms in consultation with the Town’s professional staff. Examples of management include offering modest recommendations for finalizing design plans and specifications, and overseeing the construction, remodeling, alteration or renovation, equipping and furnishing, of the Police Station. The Committee is to report regularly to the Select Board and is ordered to communicate any substantial changes to the project’s scope immediately. No changes to the project’s design/scope shall cause the project to exceed a projected $3 million in total costs, materially change the design approved by the Select Board, nor delay the project past the Select Board’s approved timeline without additional approval.

Effective January 23, 2024, the Committee shall assist with finalizing the town’s conceptual design plan and construction documents in consultation with the town’s appointed engineering firm. The final documents will be presented to residents at the 2024 Annual Town Meeting for a funding vote. If town residents approve the project, the Committee will then oversee the procurement and implementation of the renovation project through its completion. 

The Committee shall consist of seven members as follows; 

  • Five voting members 
    1. Two members from the Municipal Facilities Committee
    2. Three at-large members from the residents of Carlisle
  • Two non-voting members
    1. Town Administrator or designee
    2. Chief of Police or designee

The Select Board also grants authority to the Town Administrator to involve key members of the Town Staff as non-voting members such as the Town Planner and the Town Facilities Director.


Name Representing
Dave Boettcher At-Large
Jerry Lerman Municipal Facilities Committee
Alan Lewis At-Large
William Risso Municipal Facilities Committee
Suzanne Spinney At-Large
Chief Andrew Amendola Non-voting
Town Administrator Ryan McLane Non-voting