Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared for any emergency
Make a plan, get a kit, be informed

Hurricane season began on June 1st and will continue through November 30th. Because there is uncertainty with severe weather during these months Carlisle‘s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) wants to ensure that our residents have access to good information. In addition residents should take advantage of the opportunities to make a plan and be informed. There are key steps everyone can take to help ensure the safety of their family. The website Ready.gov has suggestions on appropriate steps to take in preparation for disasters and local emergencies. This information is also available in printed format at the Fire Station, Town Hall, Police Station and the Gleason Public Library.

Get to know your neighbors and form an alliance that can work to support you in an emergency. Create a communication plan for your family. Prepare an emergency kit for your household. Be part of Carlisle’s “Emergency Notification System.” Go to the Town’s website,~www.carlislema.gov~to register if you haven’t already. Registered residents receive emergency notifications via your home telephone or cell phone that can include email or text-message notifications if you choose.

If you are a resident with special needs you can also register with the Fire Department so the department will have important information on your situation and will have the ability to contact you in the event of a local emergency. Contact the Fire Department or the Council on Aging (COA) office to register. The “File of Life” is also available by contacting the COA. You may also want to consider a NOAA weather alert radio or subscribing to Boston media alerts for up to date severe weather notifications.

Carlisle’s emergency planning involves coordinated efforts between the fire, police, board of health, public works, town administration officials, in concert with regional, state and federal Emergency Management staff. With each small step at home you take great strides in planning for any emergency.